Which Are the Best Driveway Alarm Systems?

Which Are the Best Driveway Alarm Systems?

Is the driveway the first part of your home visitors will pass through? Do you want to protect your driveway from those people who aren't visitors?

Did you know that a house without a security system is 300% more likely to be broken into? 

Is the driveway the first part of your home visitors will pass through? Do you want to protect your driveway from those people who aren't visitors?

Did you know that a house without a security system is 300% more likely to be broken into? 

Adding a driveway alarm system will deter those thieves from getting close to your house. 

If you're unsure between the best driveway alarm systems, we'll help set you straight. Check out this handy guide before you buy.

Dakota Alert DCMA 4000 with Mailbox Alert 

The Dakota Alert DMA 4000 is two amazing packages in one. You will receive a sensor for your driveway to detect any cars or people who pass through. But, you will also receive a mailbox sensor that informs you when the mailman has been. 

The sensors will detect using heat sensors. Once a person or car passes within 20 feet of the sensors, they will alert the homeowner of their arrival. 

It can also be connected to a couple of our 4000ft sensors on offer.

DWA-6-2000 Standard (RCTD-20U) Optex Wireless 2000 

The DWA-6-2000 Standard is excellent for the security of your home. It has an ease of hiding through its wireless ability. If you installed your sensor hidden away, running the risk of wires being visible may not be ideal. 

You have a choice of chimes at your disposal to announce guests more pleasing to the homeowner. If you receive a lot of visitors, having an annoying charm may not be the best choice

The distance of the sensors is up to 50 feet and can send a signal up to 2000 feet. Perfect for those with long driveways. 

You can easily install this system by yourself without worrying about doing it wrong. After taking all those precautions to protect your home, you don't want to do this part badly.

Solar Sensor Driveway Alarm (SM-1) 

The Solar Sensor Driveway Alarm has the abilities of regular driveway security systems. The main difference is it's powered by the sun. It's perfect for Eco-Friendly people who wish to protect their homes. 

Having the solar panel connected to the sensor allows it to charge itself. The battery itself has a long-lasting lifespan and can work for up to 5 years. 

The sensor can receive input from up to 35 feet away. It is then able to send that data up to 500 feet away to the receiver. Once the receiver is triggered, it chimes and flashes to alert the occupier of the guest's arrival. 

You can also pair it with other sensors. The more sensors you use, the more areas of your property will be protected from unwanted visitors.

DWA-3 Driveway Alarm (Meir Products DA 500) 

The DWA-3 Driveway alarm is a below-ground driveway alarm system. You will be required to bury the sensors 6 inches below the ground. You can place them either on each side of your driveway or directly below it. 

You will then have to run the wires to your receiver up to 100 feet away. The sensors will detect any metal object that passes within 14 feet of them. 

Any vehicle that passes over the sensors will trigger the system. Having this ability while remaining completely out of sight may be what you are looking for. 

DA-100 Wireless Drive-Alert 

Another choice for an underground vehicle detection system is the DA-100 Wireless Drive-Alert. You install it similarly to the DWA-3 Driveway Alarm. 

The only difference is it is wireless. There is no need to dig a trench to run the wires back to your receiver. 

It is triggered by a vehicle within a 12 feet radius on the sensor. It will then send the signal back to the receiver in an economical way.

You can protect your home while saving the environment. You will also have a minimal installation process. You will also have the option of easily adding more sensors to the system.

Driveway Alarm "DWA-4-4000 (DCPA-4000)" Transmitter with Optional Text Report 

The Driveway Alarm "DWA-4-4000 (DCPA-400)" is not like your regular vehicle detection systems. You bury them the same way, but that is where the similarities may start to differ. 

The idea of digging a channel back to the house to hide the wiring may not be ideal. With this system, you can simply dig a much shorter trench to a nearby post. On this post, you will place a transmitter that runs on a cr1231 battery

The transmitter will take the signal from the detector once a vehicle passes up to 12 feet from its location. It will then send the information wirelessly to the receiver. The gap between the receiver and the transmitter can be up to half a mile. 

You will then have the option to receive a text message to inform you that someone has triggered the alarm. Now you won't have to worry about trips to the shops and leaving your house unattended. 

Dakota Alarm 4000 Rubber Hose (DCRH 4000) 

The Dakota Alarm 4000 Rubber Hose (DCRH 4000) is a unique addition to this list. Rather than your technological sensor, it uses a rubber hose to detect movement. 

The rubber hose will be full of air and placed along the surface of the driveway. Once someone, or something, goes over the rubber hose, it will displace the air further up the tube. 

This process is what triggers the transmitter to send the signal to the receiver. The distance between the two can be up to 4000 feet.

One major positive to this system is its ease of installation. Lay it across your driveway and secure everything in place. Easy as that.

Protect Your Driveway and Protect Your Home

Now you know some of the best driveway alarm systems. How will you best protect your home?  

No matter which system you choose, ensure it is the best choice for your home. You never know when a robber will potentially come knocking on your door.

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