Our Review of Dakota Alert Driveway Alarms

Our Review of Dakota Alert Driveway Alarms

Did you know that Dakota Alert is one of the top players in the driveway alarm industry?

As a homeowner with no knowledge of driveway alarms, you might ask about this brand’s features. It’s because becoming a popular brand means offering something unique in the market.

So, how do Dakota Alert driveway alarms hold up?

In this guide, we’ll review some of the best Dakota Alert driveway alarm kit choices around. Read on and decide whether this brand fits your home.

1. Dakota Alert BBA-4000 Break Beam Alert Kit

Dakota Alert is hard to beat when covering long driveways. It’s more expensive than some driveway monitors in the market. Its durability and reliability make the higher price tag worth your investment.

This driveway alarm uses an infrared beam running between two sensors. You can place these up to a maximum of 300 feet apart. If anything trips the beam, the sensors will alert the receiver.

You need not worry about losing protection with this alarm system. The sensors’ lithium batteries are rechargeable using solar power. It means you need not replace the batteries and add more sensors to the mix.

You can program the receiver to alert you using four different tones. You can adjust the volume to ensure that you’ll hear it loud and clear regardless of outside situations.


As stated above, this Dakota Alert alarm kit uses solar-powered batteries. It’s perfect if you’re busy with your daily activities. That way, you need not worry about remembering when to replace your batteries.

Its durability means you won’t have to replace it for a long while. It also protects your driveway better since it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Coupled with its long detection range, you’ll feel safer.


The alarm’s high price might be a turn-off for some. However, if you want to invest in the best, this isn’t much of an issue. Its only real drawback is that rain and snow might trigger false alarms.

2. Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 Magnetic Driveway Alarm

Do you want to get notified if there are any unauthorized vehicles near your home? If so, this Dakota Alert Kit is a great choice. It’s because it doesn’t suffer from false alarms triggered by infrared sensor systems.

This system uses metal probes buried underground. When metallic objects like cars and ATVs pass in front of them, the system alarms you. Like other Dakota Alert alarms, the DCPA-2500 has a long range of 2,640 feet maximum.


Setting up your Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 system is easy. Bury a compact PVC pipe parallel to your driveway. It has a magnetic probe within, with one end connecting to a 50-foot wire. Attach the wire to a transmitter box.

You can put the box on a nearby post or tree. Once you do it, the box will transmit the signal up to the maximum range. You will get these signals through a wireless receiver.


Each receiver covers up to four zones, as long as you buy more probes or transmitters. You can set the alarm tone for each zone. It makes things easier for you since you’ll know which part of your property the alarm came from.


As stated before, installing this Dakota Alert alarm system is easy. It won’t take longer than a few hours to accomplish this task. You also have the transmitter's impeccable range, covering your property better.

You’ll find no better alternative if your driveway is long. Its high quality make ensures that you’ll have it in your driveway for years.


Some homeowners find this magnetic driveway alarm to work well. The good news is that it’s a common problem with magnetic driveway alarms. It’s likely because of metal interference from steel rebars in your driveway.

3. Dakota Alert DCPT-4000 Driveway Alarm

This Dakota Alarm system is an accessory that will allow for use with any of Dakota Alerts 4000 series . It uses the same setup as the metal detecting probes buried next to your driveway. The transmitter box will trigger your home’s receivers whenever metal passes by.

The primary difference is that its communication range covers 4000 feet.  It’s a system that would serve you well if your driveway is longer than most homes.

This Dakota Alert driveway sensor setup allows up to 16 connected sensors. It’s to ensure your driveway’s security. It prevents you from becoming a victim of burglary.


You won’t get false alarms because of Dakota Alert’s metal detectors. You need not worry about it damaging your curb value because the sensors are underground. Multiple sensors mean having different tone assignments to locate threats better.

The DCPT-4000's wireless communication is one of the longest ones in the market. A 4,000-foot range can cover mansions with ease. The best part is that these sensors are both water and weatherproof.

This alarm can function even when the temperature falls to –30 F or lower. It will also work well even when the temperature rises to 120 F.


It’s unlikely for this alarm to detect intruders on foot because it detects metal. Its batteries are also harder to replace because they’re the CR123 type. As always, the price can be an issue if you’re short on budget.

Why Use Dakota Alert Driveway Alarms?

Dakota Alert made some of the most popular driveway alarm systems in the country. This year, they introduced the 4000 series, with DCPT-4000 being one. These have plenty of applications thanks to the magnetic probes and motion sensors.

Take note; the 4000 series isn't compatible with its predecessors. Regardless, your older models will continue receiving support and service from the company. Enhance your security further by reading our tips on how to protect your home.

Get a Driveway Alarm Today!

These are some of the best Dakota Alert driveway alarms around. Get these systems to protect your property from unwanted intrusions.

Are you looking for driveway alarms? Looking for the best security solution for your driveway? If so, contact us today!


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