Most Effective and Simple Security Tech: The Driveway Alarm System

Most Effective and Simple Security Tech: The Driveway Alarm System

Home security tech is part of a 47 billion dollar business focused on helping home and business owners protect their property and families. The rise of property crime like trespassing and vandalism, along with theft and violent crimes have made it essential to find preventive and protective measures. 

While many people invest in door sensors, doorbell cameras, and indoor motion sensors, one overlooked home or business security component is the driveway alarm. A driveway alarm system can help prevent crime from happening, reduce unwanted visitors, and provide important information about would-be vandals or criminals. 

This article will explain some of the ways a driveway alarm can complement a new or existing home security system. 

History of Home Security Tech

Long before the advent of modern security systems, homeowners used deadbolt locks and bolt-style locks to protect their homes or businesses. After WWI, crime was on the rise, and homeowners subscribed to a service called "door shakers." Watchmen would walk from house to house and rattle the doorknob of subscribers' homes to make sure they were locked. 

Soon after, the first magnetic door sensors were created. These were attached to all entry doors and connected to a loud bell alarm. Eventually, these sensors would also trigger a central monitoring station so a police officer could be called to the home.

In the 1970s, modern video surveillance cameras were introduced in homes and businesses. Unlike the tiny, wireless cameras we use today, these were large devices with wired connections to a video monitor somewhere else in the building. 

Today, we still use a combination of all these measures to keep our property and our families safe. Electronic locks and keyless entry systems are a first line of defense. Tiny surveillance cameras can be installed throughout the interior and exterior of your property. Motion and temperature sensors can be added on doors, windows, and other entry points to detect intruders. 

What Is a Driveway Alarm?

The primary goal of a home security system should be preventing crime from ever happening. While most systems detect crime as it happens or reports a crime to a monitoring service, a driveway alarm can help prevent crime. 

With wireless sensors installed at the entrance of your driveway, and strategically placed at tactical positions, you can receive an alert anytime someone enters your property. Depending on the system, the alarm can notify you inside your home or send a message to your mobile device if you are away.

A driveway alarm isn't limited to the driveway. New security tech includes motion sensors, vibration sensors, and other ways to detect movement anywhere on your property.

Great for Other Purposes

While driveway alarms are great for detecting intruders, it can also be effective for other uses. Are you expecting family members or other important guests? The driveway alarm can serve as a long-distance doorbell to let you know they've arrived.

If you frequently have an issue with missing mail or packages, a driveway alarm can alert you when a mail or package carrier has arrived. If you have an extended driveway, knowing a repair tech or lawn service provider is on their way to your home can be good to know - especially if you aren't quite ready to receive them!

Make It Part of Your Home Automation

Home automation is a multi-billion dollar industry. The convenience of controlling your home's lights, thermostat, security system, and more with your voice or a mobile device is very convenient. A driveway alarm can be part of your home automation system. 

You can use the driveway alarm as a primary trigger for an automation routine with the right systems. For example, if the alarm is activated, your front porch lights may switch on, and your security cameras may begin recording. If additional sensors are activated on your property, you can set your security system to arm more cameras or sensors. 

If you have a wireless camera at the end of your driveway, you can capture and record video of the visitor. If a security event occurs, this video can be helpful to authorities as they investigate an incident.

Cost of Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway alarms can be very affordable - as low as $20-$40 for a simple outdoor sensor and indoor chime. The complete cost of your driveway alarm will depend on several factors.

1. Distance From Your Driveway to Your Home

If the end of your driveway is only 20-30 feet from your home, a short distance transmitter can be used. If your driveway is very far from your home, you will need a long-distance transmitter and possibly multiple sensors.

2. Wired or Wireless Installation

Wireless installation is usually more cost-effective because it doesn't require the use of cables. It also doesn't require any excavation, digging, or installation of wires.

3. Stand-Alone or Integrated System

The cost of adding a sensor and chime to your driveway is usually very low. If you want to integrate the alarm into a more extensive security system, plan for the additional cost.

Keep It Safe

The advances in home security tech have come a long way since the early 20th century. Standard door locks are often replaced with keyless entry systems, magnetic door sensors have become advanced motion-sensing devices, and surveillance cameras are small enough to fit inside the peephole of your front door.

No matter how you choose to protect your home, preventing crime from occurring can be possible with a driveway alarm. If you're interested in finding the right security options for your home or business, contact us. We'll help you select the right combination of home and business security products to keep it safe.

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