7 Tips on Choosing Driveway Alarm Accessories for Homeowners

7 Tips on Choosing Driveway Alarm Accessories for Homeowners

Are you looking to make your driveway more secure?

In 2017 alone, the US recorded over 1.4 billion break-ins and burglaries. Most crimes like this occur because either the front door is easy to break down or the windows aren't secure. Fortunately, these vulnerabilities are easy to fix.

However, one part of the house that isn't as easy to modify is the driveway. It's always exposed, and it's easy to break into your house through it. This makes it important to use driveway alarms as security measures.

Using driveway alarm accessories is a great way to improve your home security. Which accessories are the best ones to install, though? Read on to learn how to choose the accessories that will help increase the efficiency of your driveway alarms.

1. Distance of the Alarm

The first thing to always consider is how far the alarm is from the driveway sensor. If the alarm you installed beforehand is too far away, it won't go off should the sensor get triggered. This means that you won't know if someone is trespassing on your driveway.

If this is the case, then it's best that you get a long-range transmitter to help your alarm. This will help your sensor connect to the alarm if you placed them too far from each other. This ensures that the sensor triggers the alarm should it detect something in the area.

This will also help you if you're using a rubber hose sensor system. This is in case your driveway is too big for the rubber hose. You can get more hosing to cover the width of your driveway.

2. Number of Sensors

Some driveway alarms have many sensors to cover a wide area in the driveway, enabling them to check for security threats from every potential entrance or exit.

An electromechanical counter is the best accessory for the job. This accessory tallies how many times the sensor gets triggered while it's connected. It makes the sensor more effective, as it tracks how much activity is in the area.

This is useful if paired along with a motion sensor. Their effective detection system allows for multiple dings in an area. The counter will only increase its efficiency by allowing users to step away and check the results later on.

3. Alarm and Sensor Type

Among the most important things to consider when looking for driveway alarm accessories is your alarm and sensor's type. Certain accessories will work better with certain alarms and sensors. Knowing this will increase the alarm's efficiency and effectiveness.

If you have a wired alarm installed, consider the durability of the accessories you'll buy. They should be as durable as the alarm, as they'll also face the same conditions.

For those using wireless systems, it's best to install accessories that bridge the gap. Things like transmitters allow you to be free with where you place your sensors and alarms. A great example of this is Dakota Alert's Beam Transmitter and Receiver.

With a hybrid system, you may want accessories that make things more convenient. Hose and transmitter boxes can serve as a middle man for your transmitters. This will help them reach the alarms in case the trigger is too far.

4. Action After Detection

Sometimes, having an alarm sound off isn't enough when something triggers the sensor. You may want to shine some light on the trespasser when this happens. A great way to do this is by installing a light timer.

A sudden flash of light is enough to disorient and dissuade most trespassers. What's great about this is that there are light timers for any alarm system. This means that you can install these even if you're working with a wireless system in your driveway.

There are also many options to use for lighting. You can use the basic floodlight to stun trespassers for a moment. Strobe lights can cause confusion over a longer period as they attempt to flee the scene.

5. Volume

The volume of your alarm is also essential to the entire system. A weak alarm can compromise the system. It won't dissuade any trespassers, nor will it wake you up in the night.

Adding more alarms one way to resolve the problem. What's great is that there are accessory kits that can help you with this. A bell kit is best if you want to hear a sound that's like a fire alarm to alert you.

If the alarm is farther from you, though, a siren kit is better. They're often louder and can alert you no matter where you install them.

6. Cost

Of course, you're going to want to consider the price of what you're buying. What's great is that accessories are cheaper than the alarm systems themselves.

What's even better is that you can buy separate components of accessory kits. Accessory kits are convenient, but they often cost more than they should. Buying components on their own is a great way to cut alarm accessory budget costs.

7. Warranty

Many people say that warranties aren't a part of the modern customer experience. When you're getting alarm accessories, though, these are important. This is to ensure that you can get a replacement for the product if they get damaged.

This is easier than you think since these face fierce weather conditions. Extreme heat, cold, or rain can compromise their effectiveness. Having a warranty is a guarantee that you don't waste your money on a device that breaks the first day you use it.

Even your alarm should have a warranty. They face the same conditions that their accessories face, after all.

Choose the Best Driveway Alarm Accessories Today

Need to increase the effectiveness of your home security? These driveway alarm accessories will help you create the safest driveway in the neighborhood! Pick the best ones that suit your needs today!

Do you want to learn more about driveway security? Contact us here and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can!


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