Update Your Home security With a Wireless Driveway Alarm

In today’s world, where crime is taking place everywhere, it’s important to protect your family and assets, even if your area has a low crime rate. Locked doors just aren’t enough; having extra protection levels with a wireless driveway alarm can give you peace of mind. Wireless driveway alarms can detect when people, animals, vehicles, or others are on your property. Your wireless driveway alarm will alert you, not only when your family comes and goes but also if intruders are lurking around your driveway.


What’s the Difference Between a Driveway Alarm and a Wireless Driveway Alarm?

A driveway alarm comprises a sensor and a receiver. The sensor detects vehicles or people in your driveway and sends it to the receiver, which alerts you of the detection. Wireless driveway alarms comprise a sensor, a receiver, and a transmitter. The transmitter sends the wireless signal to the receiver, which will then alert you. 


How A Wireless Driveway Alarm Works

You install the wireless driveway alarm system within a range typically 500 to 1000 feet away from your home. Ensure the distance between the receiver and your home is sufficient for you to receive the transmission by testing it. When someone crosses the sensors, it will send a wireless signal to the receiver set up in your house, and an alarm will sound to alert you that someone is in your driveway.


Types of Driveway Alarms Available

Get a driveway alarm that meets your needs. Choose from a wide selection available, including:

  • Wireless driveway alarms
  • Solar driveway alarms
  • Motion alarms
  • Perimeter alarms
  • driveway alerts
  • Dakota Alert
  • Rodann Driveway Alarms
  • Optex wireless 2000

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